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Prince of Thommond Save the forest spirit at this cool platform game, dodge the various enemies, jump over rocks and use your axe to attack all your foes.rn
Dodge Durango Slider Slide together the dodge Durango in three sizes
Bullet Speed A kid who wishes to be a master of dodging, you see his dream is to one day be so good at this that he can make a living off of it to take care of his sick sister with the money he [...]
ASCIIVader Poor Squareface forgot to get any weapons to fight off the evil Multiplinoids, so to save the rest of his people he’ll have to hold them off by staying alive as long as possi [...]
AS3 Swift Lot’s of bad things are coming to get you! Stay swift– dodge em all! Use your mouse or the arrow keys to navigate your character. Survive the buzz-saw onslaught!rnrnDev [...]
Boundling Circumvent the system or get splattered in this fast paced game of skill and reflexes. How long will you survive?rnBoundling is a pattern-puzzle game packed with exciting levels, d [...]
Platcore What is Platcore?! Well Platcore is a platformer/avoid style of gameplay, you play as a Platbot which is a testing robot for Platcore, and Platcore will be using you to test out th [...]
Fish Life Fish Life is a simple but challenging. You play as a little green sea fish. The object is to avoid all other sea animals and objects as long as you can. You will encounter such sea [...]
Lost Shark Maneuver your way through a underwater cavern and eat fish along the way. Avoid the walls at all costs and collect the special ultra shark power-up! Hold down the left mouse button [...]
Vortex Weave your way through a rotating field of debris. Be quick going back and forth or else you’ll run out of time!
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