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Wame : Rush Discover all the 5 modes in this rewind of the classical rules of color matching game ! Increasing difficultyrnrn- rush mode (basic one)rn- clear modern- horizontal join modern- ve [...]
Heaven Ball Once upon a time so many people heard a legend of heaven castle. where it have a game which it will changed their happier if playing it, but if someone lost at the game, they will [...]
Save Toasty Toasty, the little toast bread, is lost on a very strange island, far away from his parents. He is very frightened, and he wants to escape from that island. He can not escape all b [...]
Match 3 Platformer Collect the coin in each level by matching and removing blocks that are in your way. Arrow Keys or W/A/D to MoveMouse to Click on BlocksR to Reset, M to Mute, and P to Pause
Bots and Blocks Use your ability to create and destoy blocks to crush those pesky bots.rnLeft/Right Arrows or A/D to MovernDown Arrow or S to Create/Destroy BlocksrnP to PausernR to Reset
Qube 2 Qube is back with an exciting Blitz mode! Once again you have to strategically drop the blocks in the cube, to match 3 or more. Use a bunch of new power-ups to help you with this t [...]
60 seconds Burger Run Your favorite burger restaurant is closing in 60 seconds, so hurry up! Get that corpulent duder through this lovely but also very challenging platform puzzler by using his weight t [...]
Block the Blocks Prevent any of the blocks from getting past the paddle. Use the left and right arrow keys to control the paddle.
PUSH3M Prepare yourself for a challenge! Push to move. Push to win. PUSH3M is a simple sliding block game, with the goal of covering each empty area with a square. But!!! You can only mov [...]
Cubinect A simple yet challenging puzzle game with sliding blocks. Re-arrange the blocks on each level to bond all of the green and pink blocks into groups, without leaving any behind! Pres [...]
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